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08 December 2012 - Staveley Miners Welfare v Retford United

Staveley Miners Welfare FC

Competition  NCEL Premier League: 
Result : Staveley Miners Welfare 2 Retford United 2
Attendance : 151

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"Competitive Pricing"

Add it all up, for less than £10, a parent can take a child, buy a programme and enjoy ninety minutes of live, in the flesh, football. A Saturday 3.00pm kick off, the option of sitting or standing, cheap food and drinks inside the ground.  

If you're reading this, take note of how much it would cost you to spend a day at your local Premier/Championship/League 1 or 2 club.

Staveley Miners Welfare
NCEL November Fair Play League Winners


Almost time for kick off and today's Staveley MW ballboys set off for their pitchside places.

"One Day"
Maybe in a few years, this ballboy will be playing for the Staveley Miners Welfare first team.

Blue & White Stripes...
The Main Stand and Tunnel at Inkersall Road.

"Home Dugout"

Staveley Miners Welfare 0 Retford United 1
Adam Scott puts The Badgers 1-0 ahead from the penalty spot.

Mum & Freddie (7)

This was Freddie's first time at Staveley MW as a ballboy.  Talking to his mum, she told me that he could hardly sleep for the excitement.  It's getting the youngsters involved at an early age that the club will be able to call upon at a later date.  Vitally important at this and any other level, boys and girls will feel a sense of belonging, hopefully starting off a career in football. Grassroots level can offer so much to the youngsters, it's a way into the sport that is tougher by the year for some.  Every club at this and below levels in the Step system should be thinking of not only today and tomorrow, but also years to come. Without the youth being brought forward and given roles at non league clubs, it's a possibility that their club may no longer exist.

Red Skies, Floodlights and Blue/White Stripes

"Target Practice"

Inkersall Road
Home of Staveley Miners Welfare FC

"Freddie Saves ..."

The ballboys, taken from the Staveley MW Under-7s team, live the dream of playing on the Inkersall Road pitch.

"The Tower Bar"

Upstairs is where the match is filmed.
On my next visit, i'll make sure I take some photographs from here!

Staveley Miners Welfare v Retford United
Match Day Programme


A Retford United supporter, home and away. Previously, a season ticket holder at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea.  Rob prefers his football at this level nowadays.  We discussed the merits of getting involved in the non league football world, whether it be as a supporter or a photographer. He enjoys travelling across the NCEL with Retford United, just one of many "Badgers" there that day.

Rob is just one of many people i've met who've become disillusioned with the Premier League game, clubs should take note, because the way things are moving, the non league football scene is claiming more and more football supporters than they could wish to lose.

Trophies & Awards
on display in the Staveley MW Clubhouse.

"World Cup Winners & Club Crested Tables"

Three England World Cup 1966 Winners Autographed Shirts On Display.

The tables in the clubhouse bare the club crest, the walls are lined with signed shirts of the players that last won something at International level. When will any club in the country be displaying signed shirts from the next England World Cup winners team?

Specials Thanks to all at Staveley Miners Welfare who made the visit very special. Especially at very short notice.

Match Reports

All Photography : ©fotografica137
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