Thursday, 12 December 2013

18 May 2013 - National Football Museum [Manchester]

Back in May, we made another visit to the National Football Museum in Manchester. One of "No Clash Of Colours" favourite photographers, Terry O'Neill was exhibiting a series of his iconic images in the "Strike A Pose : 50 Years Of Football & Fashion" exhibition. There's always something new for us to discover, to photograph, that we always try and make a point to visit the NFM every time we get across to Manchester as part of our "A CityUnited - Manchester Football Street Photography" series of work. 

If you're in Manchester as a visiting supporter heading to The Etihad or Old Trafford, make time before or after the match (time depending) on heading to Cathedral Gardens, the National Football Museum.  Situated in the iconic Urbis Building, you can find all the information you'll need here >> National Football Museum [Information]


(02) Terry O'Neill : Photography On Display

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The Hall Of Fame

(03) Sheffield FC
Oldest Football Club In The World

(04) Bill Shankly

(05) Bobby Charlton

(06) Duncan Edwards

(07) Tom Finney

(08) Sir Alex Ferguson

(09) Bobby Moore
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(10) Brian Clough

(11) Eric Cantona

(12) Bob Paisley

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(13) "Striking A Pose - With The Premier League Trophy"

(14) "The Art Of The Game" - [Detail]
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(15) Nettie Honeyball

(16) Arthur Wharton
"The Prince Of Goalkeepers"

 (17) "The Justin Campaign"
"Football .v. Homophobia"

(18) "The Birth Of The World Cup"

(19) Gary Speed
Ceramic Artwork by Robert Lally

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(20) "Mascots"
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(21) Name The Clubs
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"Kit Fashion"

(23) Autographed Shirts
Brazil, Manchester City, Celtic, Benfica

(24) The George Best Boutique

(25) "If you shake hands with the devil .... "
Sir Alex Ferguson

(26) "There's nothing like a warm welcome .... "
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(27) "The FA Cup In Miniature"



  1. Re: No.26. It's Niall Quinn after missing a "sitter" to equalise at Old Trafford. We (City) we're bottom going into the game and the talk was of a worse defeat than the previous seasons catastrophic 5-0 but we came away unfortunate to have lost 1-0. Officially no City fans were at the game due to Old Trafford being re-built at the time but a few, inevitably, got in.

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