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26 December 2012 - Hallam FC v Dinnington Town

 Hallam FC
NCEL Baris Fair Play Award Winners - November 2012

Competition : Northern Counties East League Division One
Result : Hallam FC 1 Dinnington Town 0 (does not stand)
Match Abandoned after 35 minutes
Attendance : None Given

Hallam FC
The World's Oldest Football Ground - Sheffield

Diinington Town arrive at Hallam FC
"Sorry Girls ... "

Sandygate Under The Snow..
Matchday Programme

Guinness World Records officially recognise Sandygate as The World's Oldest Football Ground.
The first competitive fixture took place here, on December 26 1860, 152 years to the day.

The Hallam FC Merchandise Table.
Colour co-ordinated tree and decorations, the festive spirit was soon to be dampened on the pitch as the rains appeared and the match was abandoned after 35 minutes.

Half Time Raffle
Essential in raising funds for Hallam FC and any club at levels above and below the NCEL.

Five minutes into the match, the rains gathered momentum, the pitch was playable.
Standing behind the goal at the top end of Sandygate, we were sheltered , just!

A local derby on Boxing Day, no matter what level brings in the crowds. By half time it would be deserted and the game abandoned.

Hallam FC 1 Dinnington Town 0

Dinnington Town on the attack down the slope at Sandygate. 

"Open The Sky...
 and let her come down ... "

The rain belts down at Sandygate, within five minutes the match will be abandoned.
By half time at 3.45, the rain will have stopped.

There was a moment when the question was asked, "Has the ref called it off?"

"35 Minutes"

There are no tactics applicable when the rain falls and the match is abandoned.
Dinnington Town will return on Tuesday 05 February for a 19.45 kick off.

Goal Area standing water at 16.00

Two Photographs of the Same Goalpost.
There's an aesthetic beauty in something so simple as a goal post with the netting attached. There's stories that players could tell about this particular goal at Hallam FC. The architecture, shape and form, of such an object that is often unnoticed, taken for granted by those watching the game, the officials checking them before each kick off, the man/women who put up and take down after every game.  There's something unique about each one, not one are the same throughout the world. 


A staunch Wednesdayite, who's followed his beloved Owls for years, the ups and downs, the highs and lows, seen legends in blue and white, travelled all over the country supporting his club. Today, The Owls were at Bolton Wanderers, which was designated as a Category A fixture. A ticket would cost Nev, between £28 / £32 to see Wednesday come back with a 1-0 win. One reason given by Nev that day, as to why he was at Hallam FC and not Bolton Wanderers. 

Is the pricing structure at football league clubs driving away more supporters to non league football than they envisaged?

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"The World's Oldest Ground"

Floodlights shine down on Sandygate.
A Dickensian mist envelopes the stadium, soon Boxing Day will be over, the supporters left for home, the lights will be switched off for the final time in 2012. 2013 is around the corner, and Hallam FC, "The Countrymen" will still be playing at "The World's Oldest Football Ground"


Match Report
None Available

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**Special Thanks to the Hallam FC 'groundsman' who worked tirelessly on Christmas Day, though failed valiantly after 35 minutes on Boxing Day**


  1. I would say yes clubs need to do more for real fans who can't afford the glossy hospitality packages they all seem to push ...

    Mark Catterall (via twitter)

  2. I would say yes. I would love to take my little boy to Arsenal but can't afford ticket prices. #SillyMoney

    TheColdEnd (via twitter)

  3. Lower league teams are the heart of this football nation, be no FA Cup without them, bigger teams need to do more to help.

    Mark Catterall (via twitter)

  4. That's happened to me. From Arsenal to Wingate & Finchley. Much cheaper and a better laugh.

    JMascis (via twitter)