Monday, 17 December 2012

09 December 2012 - Crookes v Royal Earl

"Rusty Goalposts & Sticky Tape"

Competition : Meadowhall Sunday League - Premier Division
Result : Crookes 5 Royal Earl 2
Attendance : Unknown
Venue : Sheffield University Playing Fields - Warminster Road, Sheffield

The following photographs for this feature are a representation of a number of fixtures played at this venue on 09 December 2012.  I hope they convey to you, the spirit of what Sunday League Football is all about, not just in Sheffield, but across the football pitches, playing fields and sports-centres all over the UK.

Where the identity of  any club shown, is known, there will be a description on that photograph.

Royal Earl subs watch on as they go on the offensive in the first half.

Ken ...

His grandson was playing for Royal Earl this particular Sunday.  At 78, Ken told me about his passion for the game, which he passed onto his son and grandson. From a sporting family, he was extremely proud of his  grandson, Tom (see photograph below) and what he had already achieved. Ken then went onto to regale me with stories of his military background, most notably his ability to hit a target from 600yds with a rifle. It was a pleasure to meet Ken, listen to his stories, which he told with a sense of pride and with a passion that many young people would struggle to keep up with.

Ken & Tom


"Solitary Confinement"
Royal Earl in Yellow, Crookes in Orange. Half Time on Pitch 6 ...

"The Long Walk Back ... I "

Royal Earl players, having been beaten 5-2 by Crookes, troop off, dejected... but knowing that there's always next Sunday ... An off day for the men in yellow and blue.

"The Long Walk Back II"

"The Long Walk Back III"

Four pitches were in use today, some teams will reflect on what might have been, questioning refereeing decisions, personal mistakes and man of the match performances.  Most importantly after almost two hours out in the bitter cold, the question every player will ask, "Is there any hot water in the showers?"

"Nets Down Lads & Don't Forget The Corner Flags ..."

"For It's A Grand Old Team To Play For ... "
They may play in the Glasgow Celtic colours, but this isn't Paradise.

"Jinky / Henke ??"

"There's Always Next Sunday !!"

"The Loneliest Man In The World"


No Match Reports
All Photography : ©fotografica137


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