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No Clash Of Colours - Mast Head Photographs [Poll]

Our series of Mast Head Photographs from the No Clash Of Colours archives.  We began life online in October 2012, with no expectations, pressure or stress! Our journey started out at Dinnington Town, the matches came before we decided to start the blog, we didn't even have a name at that time.  The mast headers are in order from the very first which featured a photograph of Mr Sugden, the PE Teacher played by the iconic actor, Brian Glover from the marvellous, Ken Loach directed film, "Kes".  It is from "Kes" where the name "No Clash Of Colours" originated.

Mr Sugden : [imitating a television football commentator] "... and both teams are lined up ready to come out for this vital fifth round cup tie, Manchester United versus ........... Who are we playing Tibbut?

Tibbut looks around at the team lined up behind him dressed in multi-coloured kit.

Tibbut : "Er ..... we'll be Liverpool sir."
Mr Sugden : "You can't be Liverpool lad, there'll be a clash of colours."

Tibbut looks again.

Tibbut : "Er ..... we'll be Spurs then sir, then there'll be No Clash Of Colours."

Mr Sugden : ".... and it's Manchester United versus Spurs in this vital fifth round cup tie. And the teams are ready."


001 : Kes 
"No Clash Of Colours"

All Photography - Images 002 - 014 : ©NoClashOfColours
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002 : Maltby Main
"Unknown Spectator"
Maltby Main v Winterton Rangers

003 : AFC Emley
"Goalpost Architecture, Floodlight & TV Mast"
AFC Emley v Hadleigh United

004 : New Mills FC
"The Usual High Peak Suspects"
New Mills FC v Burscough FC

005 : Scarborough FC (Seamer Road)
"No Battle, No Victory"
From the ashes of Scarborough FC, Scarborough Athletic were formed in 2007. In 2014 they hope to return back to the town at a new purpose built stadium.

006 : Millmoor Juniors FC
"The Ice Cream Van"
Thornbridge JFC v Woodhouse Juniors FC

007 : Bala Town FC
"Maes Tegid : The Most Beautiful Ground In Our World"
Bala Town v Blackburn Rovers XI

008 : Hallam FC
"From Stripes To Hoops"
Chris Waddle makes his debut for Hallam FC
Hallam FC v Chesterfield FC Academy

009 : North Ferriby United
"Playground Twist"
Runcorn Linnets supporters after their 0-2 FA Cup defeat at North Ferriby United
North Ferriby United v Runcorn Linnets

010 : Hemsworth Villa
"A Grey Day For Chris"
Former Sheffield Wednesday and England International, Chris Waddle gives a pre-match team talk ahead of the match v Royal Earl.
Royal Earl FC v Hemsworth Villa FC

011 : Radcliffe Borough
"The Grass Was Too Long"
The match never even kicked off as Club Brugge wanted the grass cutting to a much shorter length then wanted the "sprinkler system" turning on. Did they do their homework on the venue?
Club Bruges v Otelul Galati 

012 : Parkgate FC
When you visit Roundwood, take a look around. You'll notice that the club colours are predominantly red, the stadium is painted in blue. Look for Albert or Bruce and ask them why? 

013 : Olive Grove Sports Ground
"Sunday Morning Football In Sheffield"
Maybe if FIFA had granted England the 2018 World Cup, Olive Grove would have the venue for a 10,000 capacity stadium for Sheffield FC? A return home for the oldest football club in the world.

014 : Shaw Lane Aquaforce
"Red Sky At Night, Shaw Lane Delight"
SLA went top of the NCEL Division 1 after this 2-0 victory over challengers to the title, Eccleshill United. 


As we're all for social interaction at No Clash Of Colours, we'd like you the viewer to get involved with us and vote for your favourite NCOC Mast Head Photograph.  The photograph that receives the most number of votes between now and  the 01 May 2014 will then be sent out via email as a high-resolution JPEG to three voters who chose the image, without any text. Voting is simple, just choose your favourite three and leave them as a comment in the box below. Votes for Mast Head 001 won't be counted as the photograph of Brian Glover in Kes isn't one of ours from the No Clash Of Colour's Archives.  Your first choice gets three points, the second choice, two points and your third choice, one point. At the end of each month, we'll give a league table and hopefully, your choice of favourite might be top of the league.  Leave your votes in the comments box below, tell all your followers on twitter, facebook, supporters clubs, family members, players, management and officials too! 

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