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20 April 2013 - Scarborough Athletic v Retford United [Set Two]

People have asked us on numerous occasions, are NCOC Scarborough Athletic supporters? Due to there being a number of feature matches involving the club.  Although we have built up a friendship with people involved at the club from Chairman to avid supporters, we remain neutral in our support of any one team. Our aim is to provide some publicity to clubs, players, officials, volunteers and supporters at all clubs we visit.  What Scarborough Athletic have done is ask us to get involved with them, providing photographs.  This applies to any club we can help during the season, so, if you're reading this and support a club that may benefit from a feature on No Clash Of Colours, don't hesitate in contacting us. We will help as much as we possibly can. You can contact us at : or leave a message in the InterAction Box at the side > .


The second set of photographs from the Scarborough Athletic Promotion Party! If any "Seadogs", that's supporters  and players looking in recognise themselves or their friends/family, drop us a line at the email address in the contact panel. We'd love to hear from you and put names to faces.

Special Thanks to Dave Holland and all at Scarborough Athletic.

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"Thumbs Up from a 'Rudy Funk' "

Competition : Northern Counties East League - Premier Division
Result : Scarborough Athletic 2 Retford United 0
Attendance : 890

"The Bus Shelter" - Queensgate

Wayne - Bridlington Town FC
"The Man With A Table On His Head"

"Unsung Hero"
Wayne - Bridlington Town FC Volunteer

Caravan Holiday Home?
Only available during the football season!

"Away Directors In Front Of The Queensgate Press Box"

"Retford United"

"No Battle No Victory"
Scarborough Athletic - Merch Table


Candid Portraits & Supporters

Rachel & Josh and Scarborough Athletic Video Cameraman, Ian Thomas.

Rachel, Josh and Sharon

"Billy Seadog"
"Programme Hut"

*Special Thanks to 'Billy Seadog' with Names to Faces"

"£1 A Strip"

"Flag Seller & Non League Dog"

"Programme Collector"

Ian Thomas
Scarborough Athletic - Matchday Video Cameraman

"Too Much To Take"

Bryan Gould 
Northern Counties East League : Secretary & Treasurer


"Thumbs Up"

"Seadogs & The Mascots"

"Seadogs On The Attack - First Half"

Rudy Funk

"Seadogs" Celebrate Bryan Hughes Putting Scarborough Athletic 1-0 Up

"A Minute To Go"

"Scarborough Athletic"
Northern Counties East League 
Champions 2012 / 2013


The final photographs from what was a momentous day in the history of this football club are those of the supporters. Without the supporters there is no club. Less than six years old, Scarborough Athletic have achieved two promotions from the Northern Counties East League, whilst pulling in healthy numbers, the prospect of moving back to their home town should see the club grow from strength to strength. From our experiences with the club, players, officials and supporters, we wish them all the very best and we hope that the relationship built up between "The Seadogs" and "No Clash Of Colours" will also flourish.

The Supporters


All Match Report Links Are On Set One

All Photography : ©fotografica137 / ©Scarborough Athletic FC

Website Links

Scarborough Athletic - Evo Stik Panel At The Side
Retford United - NCEL Panel At The Side


Our final Scarborough Athletic feature of 2012/13 is from the final League game of the season at Glasshoughton Welfare which will follow shortly.


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