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02 March 2013 - Heanor Town v Scarborough Athletic

Our first match feature in March was another debut visit to a club in the NCEL Premier League, Derbyshire based Heanor Town.  An eventful afternoon for us, as first our main DSLR decided it wasn't going to work, secondly the film camera we use (yes, that's film!!), the batteries needed replacing.  These photographs in this feature were all taken on an Olympus compact, and mainly after the half time whistle had blown!

Competition : NCEL Premier League
Result : Heanor Town 0 Scarborough Athletic 3
Attendance : 270

Heanor Town Football Club

"Mini Pitch"

"Homage To Nigel"

"Morley 9"


St Lawrence's Church 
in the background, a mixed congregation of Heanor Town and Scarborough Athletic supporters.

"The Main Stand"

Heanor Town 0 Scarborough Athletic 1
Ryan Blott nets his 34th goal of the season, he'd eventually finish the season with 39 goals.

"Floodlight Architecture"

Full Time
Heanor Town 0 Scarborough Athletic 3


"Seadogs On Tour"

"Net's Down"

A familiar sight at non league and grassroots level football matches.
We'd like to think that those who are looking in will have had to do their share of getting the nets down and in after the final whistle.

"Post Match Debrief"
In the distance, Scarborough Athletic management team, Rudy Funk and Darren France conduct their usual after match discussions.

"All Claimed"


The People

Heanor Town supporters at half time.

Heanor Town FC

Good to see that the club are encouraging the support to come from all ages.

The highest crowd of the season at The Town Ground.
The next highest attendance of 177 was against Arnold Town, Heanor Town's first home game of the season.

With the excellent travelling support, Scarborough Athletic will be missed next season as clubs in the NCEL Premier don't have away followings comparable to that of the east coast club.

Heanor Town FC
A great bunch of voiciferous supporters who follow their club, both home and away.

"Table Football"
Inside the Heanor Town clubhouse.

Heanor Town FC
"A Family Affair"

Rudy Funk (Scarborough Athletic manager), ...with mum Amanda & 
Jordan Hall (Heanor Town manager).


All Photography : ©fotografica137

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